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Professional Speaking & Training

Does your organization want to improve best practices for health and well-being?  

As a national expert, Angela provides professional development for educators, health care professionals, dance teachers, and fitness trainers on creating a healthy environment that promotes well-being, positive body image, reduces weight bias, and honours diversity. 


Angela  is a passionate speaker dedicated to inspiring and education people about

well-being and best practices.

She loves inspiring positive change!  Workshops & professional development opportunities are the best places to learn new things.

Evening of Hope 

Evening of Hope Cover (1).png

I'm so proud to have gathered amateur and professional artists of all types to produce a show for hope and healing of eating disorders.


Evening of Hope is a combination of raising awareness through enjoyment and creativity - an unleashing of the soul of eating disorder recovery. I do hope you will enjoy the show! It's up the entire month of February.


Watch it here!


Last year, we came together to share our stories through art, song, dance, and visual art.

I am so happy to be able to share it with you again this year!

The Weight of the World: Psychologist's Role in Addressing Client's Weight-Related Issues


It is important for psychologists to understand their role in addressing client’s weight-related issues.  Unfortunately, generic suggestions for addressing client concerns by suggesting they “go on a diet”, “exercise more”, or “do intermittent fasting” may unintentionally cause harm. 


Misidentifying social justice issues that may be contributing to client’s distress is also problematic.  This interactive workshop will focus on best practices in addressing client’s weight-related issues.  We will first examine our own biases in regards to weight and bodies.  We will then examine best practices in addressing weight-related issues through case examples and evidence-based resources (i.e., weight science, Health at Every Size, The Body Project, and social justice approaches).

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EDAW2021: Kindness to Self: A Meditation & Self Care Workshop

EDAW WOrkshop 1.JPG

You know when you take a deep breath and then realize you weren’t really breathing before it? This event is that breath of awareness. Show yourself some loving kindness in this 1.5 hour meditation and self-care workshop that will explore multiple avenues to self-care (even if you have to schedule it into your calendar!)


Event fee is by donation (suggested donation: $5)

This is an 18+ event.

No refunds.

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EDAW 2021: Embodi_ED

EDAW Workshop 2.JPG

Based on the principles of Embodiment, this workshop will help attendees recognize how the weaponization of bodies has encouraged us to disconnect from ourselves.

Through a mix of personal stories, case studies, research, and professional experience, body-image expert Dr. Angela Grace will discuss aspects of weight bias, its intersectionality with social justice, and how our bodies interact with the world.

Practical tips and strategies to address how we talk about bodies, and our body, will also be shared.


This workshop will be approximately 60-75 minutes, with time for Q&A

This is an 18+ event

Fee is by donation (suggested donation: $5)

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Resilient Women

Resilient women workshop.png

I was privileged to be an invited speaker for Carie Bailey's FREE virtual series with 10 amazing women.


This series is designed to be more experiential so women can get tools and proven strategies that are valuable immediately, and that she wants this series to be an experience for the attendees. 

We are committed to encouraging women to act, and her way of trying to encourage that is putting a time limit on the access of the show.

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The 2021 AIP Summit 


I was honoured to be invited to share my expertise on how AIP may be a reassuring approach to eating disorder recovery. The driving mission behind the 2021 AIP Summit is to support YOU on your journey with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). We have made a significant investment of time and resources to create these sessions and are thrilled to be able to share them with you. 

We are proud to offer a Premium Package of recordings of all 7 days, which you can watch online as many times as you wish or download to keep forever, professionally produced transcripts for all talks, bonus gifts from the participating AIP Certified Coaches, and membership in the exclusive AIP Summit Community.  

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AIP Summit
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