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Workshops & Group Sessions

I truly believe that there is strength in numbers & creating like-minded community.

Winter 2021 Workshop Series

February 6 & 7th, 2021 - Ayurvedic Nutrition & Iyengar Yoga
Calgary Iyengar Yoga - Book here!

February 20th, 2021 - Beating the Blues: Iyengar Yoga for Depression & Anxiety 

Calgary Iyengar Yoga - Book here!

March 6th, 2021 (2-4pm)- International Women's Day Yoga Celebration: The Essential Yoga Sequence

Calgary Iyengar Yoga - Book here!

Holistic Healing with Iyengar Yoga (16+)

Join me for a beautiful weekly class for Sacred Self Care & emotional healing! This workshop series focuses on the bio-psycho-spiritual healing aspects of Iyengar Yoga, yoga philosophy, and Sacred Self Care for a variety of women’s issues: hormonal changes, anxiety, depression, body image, and stress management. This workshop series is perfect for women going through life transitions or recovering from stressors & body image issues. Each 1.5 hour Iyengar yoga practice is steeped in yoga philosophy, lovingkindness, and truly knowing your own body, mind, & spirit. Experience the healing benefits of yoga in an intimate group setting with a passionate psychologist-yogi!

Thursday Evenings 7:30-9pm (Online until further notice)

Please register through Calgary Iyengar Yoga


This is a body-acceptance program designed to help girls & women improve their body image and self-esteem. The​ ​Body​ ​Project​ is supported by more research than any other body image program!  Participants have LOVED this program, as it challenges societal beliefs about bodies & arms women with the skills & confidence to challenge the status quo.

Please inquire about dates.

Body Project (Women 18+)

ReCLAIM!  (Women 18+)


Every wonder why you feel bad in a relationship with someone who is supposed to love you? 

This workshop is for women wanting to understand & heal from narcissistic relationships (parents, partners, bosses).  This workshop will help you to understand narcissism and energy vampires, identify and explore your red flags (and why you ignore them), listen to your guts, create boundaries, and stand up for yourself.  Listening to other women’s stories can be healing & empowering!  This workshop is about ReCLAIMing your soul from hurtful relationships and learning how to truly be true to yourself.

Please inquire about dates.

Group Hug

Recovering from an eating disorder is HARD. ​Recovering from an eating disorder is HARD.  These virtual groups are supportive and educational for individuals recovering from any type of eating disorder.  Each group focuses on a different aspect of recovery, complete with meditation, self-care practices, and discussion to help you develop emotional resilience and on your recovery journey.
Register through the Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta

Please inquire about dates.

Eating Disorder Support Group

Can’t attend a pre-registered workshop?  Are you an organization that wants to sponsor your own workshop?  You have options!

Want to create your own group with like-minded people?  You can! Gather together 5-10 friends & colleagues, or mother/daughter groups, then contact Angela to host your own Body Project, Sacred Self-Care, ReCLAIM or yoga/dance event.  All you need is 4.5 hours (either four-1 hour or three 1.5 hour sessions), a space to host (your own living room is fine!), and a willingness to dive deep into exploring body image & creating change in your world.

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