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Play Therapy & Assessment

for Girls (Ages 6-17)

Children Playing Tug of War

Helping children understand their world and express themselves fully.

Are you worried about your child? Are they going through something difficult?

Sometimes it is difficult for children to talk with their parents, and sometimes it is hard for parents to listen.  Supported, creative therapy through art, sand play, storytelling, and animal assisted therapy with an expert child therapist can help children to express themselves, resolve issues, and heal relationships.

Does your child need a

an assessment?

Psycho-educational and socio-emotional assessments can help to determine your child’s strengths and provide professional recommendations to help address challenging issues. I conduct comprehensive assessments for cognitive, academic, behavioural, giftedness, and socio-emotional issues. 


As a teacher (yes, I taught elementary and junior high for 5 years) and psychologist, I am able to provide concise and relevant recommendations for schools, and work with parents to create the changes needed to help your child thrive!

Does your child need an advocate for court-related purposes?  I am able to act as a child advocate and represent the best interests of your child.

Man Carrying Child in Arms

The fee for Individual Sessions is $245

The fee for Family Sessions is $295 

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