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Sacred Self Care and Spirituality: How to Trust Your Body & Create Self-Love 

Do you struggle with self-worth and trusting your internal knowing? 


When we are connected to Spirit, we listen, we trust, and we know our value.  Sacred self-care is trusting that your body always knows the truth.  It is tapping into your femininity, intuition, heart, and gut feelings.  Becoming aware of your spirituality moves your awareness from your head to your heart, and guides you towards your unique purpose here on earth.   Don’t just “go through the motions,” create daily rituals that reinforce and ignite your spirit.  Intuitive counselling & core shamanism can help you re-connect with your divine essence.

A single Sacred Self Care session is 2 hours focused on YOU.  We begin with a mindfulness meditation to center on your heart, followed by an exploration of the issues impacting you.  We will do a shamanic journey focused on understanding how these hurts have impacted your body, mind, and spirit, and create your own individualized Sacred Self Care plan of holistic healing  to address these concerns.  It’s a beautiful experience!

Magnified Grass

Are you interested in Sacred Self-Care? 

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