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Iyengar Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest systems of personal development in the world. Yoga means union. The union of body, mind and spirit.

I teach with lightheartedness and compassion!

I have been practicing Iyengar Yoga for 20 years.  No matter what is going on in my life, I know I can go to my yoga mat to regain balance and a sense of calm. 

I became an Internationally Certified Iyengar Level I/II Instructor in 2018 and enjoy teaching weekly classes and workshops. I base my teaching on a strong foundation of yoga principles along with compassion and humour.  I have a personal understanding of how to modify poses to help the poses fit a variety of body shapes, sizes, ad abilities.

Iyengar Yoga - An emphasis on precision, detail, and alignment

The term Iyengar Yoga was coined by students of Sri B.K.S. Iyengar to distinguish his approach from other styles of yoga. However, Sri B.K.S. Iyengar states that “yoga is one” and described the yoga he taught as traditional, authentic “Patanjali Yoga”. Patanjali, an Indian sage, outlined the eight-limbed (astanga) path of yoga in the Yoga Sutras, over 2500 years ago.

Becoming an Iyengar Yoga teacher begins with a long term and dedicated practice. After applying for and being accepted into a teacher-training program endorsed by Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, the rigorous teacher-training process, which can take up to five years begins. An assessment process, overseen by a national association to international standards, follows where candidates are carefully observed and evaluated. After passing two levels of assessment teachers are able to display the Certification Mark demonstrating a commitment to maintaining the purity, excellence and high standards of Iyengar Yoga.


Please inquire about my in-person & online class Thursday evenings 7:45-9pm, as well as upcoming workshops!

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